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Shirley Miller - Thinergy Weight Management

"I've learned that I can still enjoy food and not have any anxiety about it. Inergy's ideas were great, the ideas worked, and the weight came off."

Get to the Root... Doctors Preferred Programs can help your patients get to their core and effectively lose weight... and keeping it off.

Doctors Preferred Programs are Tripartite in design. Each program is a safe and effective blend of:

Your professional services, with focused opportunities for personalized coaching and education.

Targeted, program-specific Mind Spa sessions to help patients retrain their own brain to develop a healthy relationship with food.

Combined with specific medical or supplement advice, these personalized treatments provide the solid foundation required to deliver genuine "whole person" services.

Strategically designed, all of the powerful 11-28 week Doctors Preferred Programs use our proven Mind Spa technology to stimulate healthy brainwave entrainment activity that improves the core language of the subconscious mind. Making lasting changes possible.