Inergy Mind Spas


Mental Fitness at Work

How Doctors Preferred Programs Work

Since 2005, Mind Spas and our safe, easy to deliver, Programs have produced significant results with over 1400 patients/clients.

Tripartite in Design they include:

1. Your Professional Services - To ensure patients are implementing the program in ways that match their personal health criteria and circumstances, to produce lasting results.

2. Get to the Thinking - Using our proven brainwave entrainment technology and science, patients safely gain structured access to their own core thinking to recondition their thought-forming processes and rescript their patterns of thinking and habits.

It has been clinically proven that permanent lifestyle changes require changes to one’s internal thought patterns. A change in your thought patterns will always lead to positive and usually, permanent changes in your lifestyle.

Dr. Aaron Pinkhasov

3. Talk to the Body - Whenever possible, we ask our preferred Doctors to provide patients/clients with specific advice, supplements or prescriptions in order to overcome any physical barriers that may be holding them back from make lasting improvements.

Assembled in proven and friendly schedules, patients/clients enjoy the often lacking structure they need with the safe knowledge that they are receiving the guidance and assistance that applies to them. Not what a program or salesperson claims they need.

Scientists and researchers have proven that our brain recharges in the Alpha and Theta frequencies of consciousness. They are the creative, super learning modes that we access when we daydream or experience REM. In these "power zones", your body efficiently rejuvenates and your brain quickly sorts the many chunks of information it holds to comfortably resume processing more.

The Mind Spa Chair uses proprietary technology to duplicate these frequencies to recharge your brain… where most stress starts. We call it Mental Fitness at Work.

Doing Mind Spas Is Easy:

1. Enter your access code 2. Choose your session on the iPod
3. Put the glasses and headset on
    (Keep eyes closed at all times)
4. Open the chair and enjoy
    (20-minute sessions)