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Inergy Board of Directors

Rene Messier

President and Founder

Internationally awarded and recognized as a "Million Dollar Master" in business, Rene knows that empowering people to take control of HOW they think can transcend an organization to greatness. He mentors from a point of proven experience having assembled and developed internationally awarded teams. Having started from circumstances many would consider impossible, he's overcome countless adversities to become living proof that you can achieve what you believe when you harness the power of the mind.

Now, as a certified NLP practitioner, skills coach and subconscious therapist, Rene has become an internationally acclaimed author and professional keynote speaker at various seminars and venues throughout N. America, as well as the featured guest on various Radio & TV shows throughout the North America.

Driven to develop Mental Fitness as a new way of thinking to overcome the damages of stressful lifestyles, Rene has founded the Inergy Mind Spas Group of Companies and revolutionary DOCTORS Preferred Programs. Where emphasis is put on teaching people the power of HOW we think forms what we think. Control how you think and you can change what you think. With Inergy Mind Spas and the DOCTORS tripartite series of programs, Rene is committed to helping healthcare professionals to safely provide whole person treatments to their patients. To effectively deliver multi-disciplined, patient focused, guidance, brain entrainment and supplements to help them gain a new level of control over the way they form their thoughts. Thereby creating the lasting improvements they want.

Dr. Larry Ohlhauser


Dr. Ohlhauser is known around the world for his inspirational seminar and book, The Healthy CEO, which uses his proven concepts of goal setting and outcome measurement to address the unique health and career challenges facing professional executives. As a professional, motivational, and corporate keynote speaker, Dr. Ohlhauser teaches how to develop a healthy CEO. After running a successful medical practice in Alberta, Canada, Dr. Ohlhauser worked with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta for 20 years (the last 12 years as Registrar and CEO). Today Dr. Ohlhauser is president and CEO of Ohlhauser & Associates, a consulting firm specializing in healthcare strategy and management consulting for large multinationals, business corporations, and government institutions. A complete listing of Doctor Ohlhauser's extensive professional experience, appointments, awards and corporate activities can be viewed at media resume.

Ohlhauser and Associates