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Mental Fitness at Work

About Us

Our Mission:

Is to help people develop, maintain and sustain Mental Fitness.

Getting to the root is what our proprietary Mind Spa Services and Tripartite DOCTORS Programs do.

If you want to provide your patients, or clients, with a new level of personal control and ownership over their stress, pain, sleep, weight, depression, self-esteem or habits, our programs can help.

In a recent survey of Inergy Mind Spa clients/patients, over 90% said "We met or surpassed their expectations", and 96% said "They would recommend Inergy Mind Spas and our Programs".

Who We Are:

Rene L. Messier

President and Founder

Rene L. Messier, President and Founder

Internationally awarded and recognized for inspiring others to excel, Rene knows the value of mental fitness. He mentors from a point of proven experience having started from circumstances many would consider impossible, he's overcome countless adversities to become living proof that you can achieve what you believe when you choose to harness the power of your mind.

Now, as a certified NLP practitioner, skills coach and subconscious therapist, Rene has become an acclaimed author and professional keynote speaker at various seminars and venues throughout N. America, as well as the featured guest on various Radio & TV shows throughout the nation.

Driven to "Inpower" others to develop Mental Fitness, Rene has founded the Inergy Mind Spas Group of Companies to develop the empowering DOCTORS Preferred Programs. Practical and sensible, the structured programs enable healthcare professionals to provide their patients with personalized multi-disciplinary treatments to address the core of their unique health concerns and regain control over their mind, body and spirit. You are HOW you think. Take ownership of your thought forming process and you can transform your life.